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  • The 3 layers of our thin skin explained

    Changes in our skin as we age get older   Outer Layer Melanocytes, more commonly called skin cells, make up the outer layer of your skin, or epider...
  • Protect Fragile Skin

    Our skin is our largest organ and acts as a protective barrier against external forces. Some of the skins most import functions are to protect us from heat or cold, to stop unwanted organisms from entering the body and protection against impacts including friction and shear forces. We also sense our surroundings through our skin!
  • The problem of skin tears in frail thin or fragile skin

    How to treat and prevent skin tears in seniors
  • It's all in the Limbkeepers limb protectorsYarn

    Limb Protectors Yarn technologyAdvances in apparel – notably more sophisticated materials – are being designed to help protect patients with sensit...