Our skin as we age explained

The 3 layers of our thin skin explained

Changes in our skin as we age get older


Outer Layer Melanocytes, more commonly called skin cells, make up the outer layer of your skin, or epidermis. As we get older, this outer layer of skin grows thinner.

Middle Layer  The middle layer of skin, also called the dermis, is made up of hair follicles, blood vessels, glands and nerve cells. As we get older the glands become less active which in turn makes the skin drier and more brittle, whilst the number of blood vessels decreases which decreases the circulation to the skin.

Inner Layer Fat cells together with sweat glands help make up the inner layer of skin, also known as the subcutaneous layer. Fat protects us from damage and keeps us warm, and as we age and the fat in this inner layer of skin reduces, protection drastically diminishes. Also elasticity of our skin is also affected due to the reduction of collagen fibres which gives our skin its elasticity. 

The skin

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Our skin as we get older (ageing skin)  our skin as we age

 Our skin as we gat older......

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