About Us

About us.

An introduction from Limbkeepers Inventor 

Limbkeepers Are Made in America

"I am Deborah Vezan, the Founder and President of Limbkeepers® products. During my 35 year career as an apparel executive in New York, I was also my elderly parents’ care manager. Balancing these 2 careers became overwhelming and I had to leave my apparel career in 2011 to give 100% of my time to my parents’ care. However, when these two careers overlapped, Limbkeepers® sleeves became a necessary reality.

While managing my mother’s care through her 9 year struggle with Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions, her skin became tissue paper thin and incredibly fragile. When she bumped her shin against a round table leg, the resulting 4 inch long skin tear landed her at a New York emergency room for 36 hours with a tag team of attending doctors and nurses! My mother’s inability to comprehend what was happening made the situation much more complicated , we never left her side. Throughout this unbelievable and frightening ordeal I could only think of how to protect my mother from future accidents. Her newly healed skin would be at even higher risk for injury. 

I shopped medical supply stores and home healthcare retailers, but the products I found were compression, clearly not what we needed. I shopped for arm and leg warmers (all were bulky wool…not good) and sporting goods stores looking for any form of leg protection. Friends would suggest I cut up socks to make sleeves, creative idea, but they unravel and do not stay in place, what a mess! Our visiting nurse even said the only option was to keep her wrapped in gauze…seriously?

My “aha” moment came when looking at my ski socks which were made with comfortable, moisture wicking yarns and terry knit to protect the shins. Inspired by my own sport apparel I brought my design ideas to an athletic sock factory in North Carolina. When my first prototypes gave my mother the protection she needed I knew my products would benefit so many others.

Launched in 2013 this is the foundation upon which I created Limbkeepers. Our initial goal was and still is to help our rapidly growing senior population “Age in Place” with safety, independence, and dignity, just like my mom. Since the beginning we have expanded our style assortment as we continue to develop innovative products for future offerings. Thanks to our customers and health care professionals in the industry, our vision has broadened to help ALL age groups to maintain quality of life with our products."

Frail Skin Arm Sleeves and Leg Sleeves UKIn the UK Limbkeepers are exclusively imported, stocked and distributed by Limbkeepers UK whose principles have been manufacturing, importing and distributing innovative healthcare products and medical equipment for over fifteen years. The company is a leader in the field  and has a wealth of experience in the pressure Injury prevention and skin protection areas. 

Our range helps to decrease the effects of bumps scratches and scrapes to fragile skin especially in the elderly, frail or disabled. Our aim is to assist in rehabilitation, prevent skin tears and boost confidence in daily living, thereby enabling our clients to participate better in society. 

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Note: Limbkeepers are NOT a medical device

We make no guarantee express or implied, that our products will protect all types of skin in all situations.

About skin tears:

Outer Layer Melanocytes, more commonly called skin cells, make up the outer layer of your skin, or epidermis. As we get older, this outer layer of skin grows thinner.

Middle Layer  The middle layer of skin, also called the dermis, is made up of hair follicles, blood vessels, glands and nerve cells. As we get older the glands become less active which in turn makes the skin drier and more brittle, whilst the number of blood vessels decreases which decreases the circulation to the skin.

Inner Layer Fat cells together with sweat glands help make up the inner layer of skin, also known as the subcutaneous layer. Fat protects us from damage and keeps us warm, and as we age and the fat in this inner layer of skin reduces, protection drastically diminishes. Also elasticity of our skin is also affected due to the reduction of collagen fibres which gives our skin its elasticity. This collagen reduction is also the cause of wrinkles.