"To say Limbkeepers performed well would be an understatement. I’d say they were exceptional."-Jeffrey Wolf, Hamden CT

"We started using Limbkeepers in our facility as a way to decrease injuries to our elderly population’s fragile skin. We saw a significant decrease in both bruises and skin tears to patients’ limbs."-Peggy L., Cromwell CT

"Not only do you have a great product to sell, but your customer service is really pretty special" - Joan S., Everman, TX

"Having Raynaud's disease and having to wear a leotard makes training in winter difficult. Thank you for making such an amazing product that I can work out in!"-Kristle Lowell, US Team World Champion Gymnast

I am so happy to have found these products! I have been praying for a solution to my hand & arm pain".- Rosanne, Latrobe PA

"Love the fabric, fit and feel of everything. Thank you so much. My hands have never been so simultaneously warm and able to function."-Leanne, Victoria Australia

"I live in Texas and yes, it is 100 degrees plus. But I found that if I keep the Limbkeepers wet, I can stay cool and protect my skin." -Pat, Austin TX


"Excellent product as just what I have been searching for to wear daily to keep my bandages in place on my forearms while treating plague psoriasis.

Will also use them to protect my forearms from receiving cuts; lacerations; & tearing of the skin due to having sensitive thin skin. The lightweight version of these will be beneficial for sun protection when bicycling since I get sun burned easily. Just wish I knew of this product years ago as I could possibly have avoided receiving 2nd degree sunburns when bicycling with a friend during the summer & when photographing at an airshow in the NV desert. Just wish they came in more colors. I intend to more as my budget allows me too." -Customer February 10, 2018