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It's all in the Limbkeepers limb protectorsYarn

Limb Protectors Yarn technology

Advances in apparel – notably more sophisticated materials – are being designed to help protect patients with sensitive skin for wound prevention and greater comfort, said Deborah Vezan, president and owner of Limbkeepers in New London/Norwich, Conn. 
Through yarn technology comprised of polypropylene and CoolMax polyester fabric, Limbkeepers knits arm sleeves, leg sleeves and gloves to help protect fragile, thin skin on arms, hands and legs to prevent skin tears, abrasion, bruising and injury from impact, Vezan said.

“Our non-compression limb protectors provide seamless, form fitting, cushioned comfort and can be easily worn under apparel without bulk,” she said. “Our blend of high-performance yarns make a cushioned form-fitting sleeve without compression. The rebound stretch keeps these sleeves from sliding down and helps retail their shape.”

The Limbkeepers limb protectors line is produced for retail sale and all products are reusable, Vezan said.

“They are not coded for insurance,” she said. “Our reasonable and affordable prices were a deliberate decision when we launched five-and-a-half years ago. We have many wound care departments making referrals of our products to their patients once they have healed or the wounds are no longer open.”

The limb protectors products are sold for home use as well as for application in various post-acute care facilities

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