Treat Eezi Pressure Sore Prevention

An inexpensive topper that redistributes pressure when seated in a recliner chair to prevent & treat pressure ulcers and reduce the risk of tissue damage

Those with limited mobility that are seated for most of the day are at greater risk of developing pressure ulcers and pressure-related tissue damage. Fortunately, the Treat-Eezi Rise Recliner Chair Overlay has been expertly designed to redistribute pressure when sitting in a recliner chair, keeping the peripheral arteries open and allowing blood to flow freely in order to prevent pressure ulcer development.

Securely strapping to most rise recliner chairs with ease, the Treat-Eezi Rise Recliner Chair Overlay is ideal for those at risk or very high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Indeed, it is an easy to use, inexpensive topper that can effectively treat higher risk patients and those with stage 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers. It has even been clinically trialled to treat stage 3 and 4 wounds. The layered polyester 3 Way Weave Technology envelops the contact areas on the top layer and, when movement occurs, the second, third, and fourth-layers glide against each other to halt the shearing of the tissue and protect the body. So, not only does it provide effective pressure redistribution to prevent pressure ulcers, it also ensures optimum comfort when seated in a riser recliner chair.

Intricately constructed and crafted from fine quality materials, the polyester fibres of this premium Rise Recliner Chair Overlay mould to the shape of the user’s body to provide pressure relief and reduced friction, whether sitting or lying down. This makes it ideal for those needing to spend hours in a recliner chair and even, in some cases, sleeping in it. Draining moisture to the bottom of the topper, the Treat-Eezi Rise Recliner Chair Overlay keeps users dry and comfortable. As such, it prevents any issues or discomfort caused by sweating or overheating. In addition, it is easy to clean, machine washable, and can even be bleached to avoid cross infection.